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Energy Art Studio

Is An Open Collaboration Platform

To Share Inspiring Energy & Climate Artworks.

Every Piece Can Be Bought Digitally Via NFT Marketplace 

Or Physically - As Printed Canvas - Delivered To The Collectors Home.


Of All Income Will Be Donated To

Climate Action Projects In Developing Countries.

"Money Is Energy To Move Things"

We want to use our funds to support projects with positive social and environmental impact.

reforestation nicaragua_edited.jpg

Reforestation, Nicaragua

We work with the swiss non-profit organisation "myclimate" to fund projects that address the causes of deforestation in Nicaragua. It's important for us to ensure direct, ongoing community involvement and technical training, and provide financial benefits for participants throughout our projects. 

As a result, this multi-faceted approach will reduce forest degradation by easing pressure on surrounding natural forest while at the same time sequester quantifiable volumes of CO₂ from the atmosphere and improve the environmental and socio-economic conditions of families located in the communities. 

Solar-PV Installations, India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To ensure this growth can be realized in a sustainable way, it is crucial to support the country in its transition towards low-carbon technologies like solar energy. Today, India is mainly using coal to power its economy.


Our funds help to generate electrical power using solar energy, thereby displacing non-renewable fossil resources. New solar power plants enable the creation of new jobs, and thereby strengthen communities. At the same time they are cleaning up the local grids which results in lower carbon emissions.


solar india_edited.jpg
plactic indonesia_edited.jpg

Marine Protection, Indonesia

Plastic production and consumption has increased dramatically in the last decades. Unfortunately, the majority of this plastic is not being recycled and often ends up in biological sensitive areas like our precious beaches or oceans.

By partnering up with Plastic Bank, we want to help establish ethical plastic collection branches within 50 kilometers of coastlines and waterways. Collection community members gather plastic waste directly from local beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and even households – so that we are able stop ocean plastic directly at the source.



"Art is a powerful tool for inspiration & collaboration. With Energy Art Studio, we built a platform to connect creative minds & conscious collectors while using all proceeds for social and environmental good."

Berni Mayer

Founder & Contributor

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