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Balkan Clean Energy Transition

Hydro Power

📍Mratinje, Montenegro

Staudamm Montenegro_edited_edited.jpg

The Mratinje Dam in Montenegro is a 220 m high dam wall in a narrow steep gorge in the valley of the Piva, a source river of the Drina. The reservoir, the Pivsko jezero, is located near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The dam is the 6th tallest dam in Europe.

Below the dam is a hydroelectric power station. Its three turbines generate 120 MW each at a flow rate of 80 m³/s, a total of 360 MW, and generate 860 GWh of electricity annually.

Despite being a low-carbon energy source, hydro power faces a lot of opposition in Balkan countries like Montenegro.

📸Berni Mayer

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